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    Post  arias on Wed Oct 02, 2013 9:48 am

    Started today
    Incentive script
    Free Pioneer for first 1000
    Cashout from 4$ then 8 10 20 $
    max direct 200 (w/ pioner 300)

    income 2,7 cents today from cca 10 ads

    ref com: see upgrade table

    ref click 0,2 cents from fixed ads (3 ads now) and 0,3 cents from extended ads (now not available)

    procs: EGOpay,Perfect Money  currently (other processors in plan)

    The fees for cashing out are as below:
    Perfect Money ≈ 5.9%+$0.20
    EgoPay ≈ 7.7%+$0.70 

    by TOS

    PTC credits from 1,3$ for 1000 clicks
    for more info see Upgrade table

    Free Registration,thanks :

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