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    Latest PTC Model to earn Big (guide + tools included)



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    Latest PTC Model to earn Big (guide + tools included)

    Post  Darknit on Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:44 am

    Seen many find this Lates PTC Model site interesting & legit, so I myself also tried the site since two days & finding it so far much more interesting as well.

    I know some might've already using this site, so I just wanted to share with whoever are interested & currently using this site;
    this imacro script I did (though I am no script Guru) to auto view the paid ads
    if someone needs a guide I found done by someone else.

    Hopefully someone might find these useful & earn some cash.

    SOME PEOPLE EARN 10+ PER DAY  with the site

    Imacro Script:

    Guide (with payment proof):

    Site Link:

    My current balance after 24hrs :

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